Comoy’s relationship Guide.The way that the Country of origin stamps made an appearance.

Comoy’s relationship Guide.The way that the Country of origin stamps made an appearance.


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There are specific modifications of nomenclature that took place during the very long background that aid in reaching estimated times machines. These variations integrate:

  1. The way in which the Comoy identity ended up being stamped regarding left side of the pipeline;
  2. The way the Country of origin stamps came out.
  3. The development of and various different ways that the inlaid C ended up being created throughout the base;
  4. The name on the tube as soon as these names were launched and even stopped.

It must even be appreciated that, because stamps used in stamping pipes have used, brand new ones would-have-been bought and made use of alongside the existing people and there could therefore become overlapping of different preferences.

When the pipeline have a gold musical organization

If the band comes with the following three scars truly made from sterling silver. One level, a lion passant to suggest it is gold, accompanied by a mark showing which assay region (as an instance a leopards head for London), and finally a letter when it comes down to year.

NOTE! There’s always the chance that the silver bands may have been bought in from the manufacturer in batches and so has been used-up over several months and stay a year old once they certainly were put on the pipe. Could als have now been affixed afterwords as a repair to repair a crack etcetera.

This is an email list with examples of hallmarked pipes to illustrate the many nomenclature found:

  1. – 1902 hallmarked along with HC without a cartouche. The only more stamp try LONDON MADE.
  2. – 1904 hallmarked, now the HC is placed within a cartouche, that has been the design and style from then on. Stamped unofficially J.R. in an oval and LONDON MADE. (Comoys furnished many stores which had their identity stamped unofficially from the tube. J.R. got demonstrably one.) There’s absolutely no C from the mouthpiece.
  3. – 1913/14 hallmarked. The name Comoys regarding left part in rather florid software, and there’s a tail operating back from end of the s, finishing in o. This is exactly similar to the tail available on early Sasieni Niche dating sites pipelines. Within the Comoys” stamp was LONDON MADE in block capitals yet dimensions, sans-serif. There’s absolutely no embossed C on the base, nor any label or form numbers. Regarding the cover on the fabric circumstances, there’s an oval cartouche with similar Comoys. There are no C on the mouthpieces.
  4. – 1917/18 PRIMA and, about pipeline, the Comoys is in the exact same script as over, but, as opposed to the tail operating backwards within the term, the y has a lengthy fall straight down and sweeps toward finish under the s. PRIMA is actually straight below Comoys in capitals the same without serifs. On the other side of the pipe try LONDON MADE in identical stamp as 1 to 3 above. There’s absolutely no C inlaid on the stalk. Just to illustrate just how various stamps may be used at the same time, another Prima dated 1917 have the Comoys Arched, which only goes to show that more than one type of stamp was used therefore. There is absolutely no C throughout the mouthpiece.
  5. – 1921 Old Bruyere with hallmarked gold group. COMOYS arched with IN below and BRUYERE arched the other ways. On the other side, MADE arched, IN below, and LONDON arched one other method. These stamps are an oval rugby-ball form in the place of a round basketball. There’s no C throughout the mouthpiece
  6. – 1959/1960 hallmarked 22 carat silver musical organization. This tube has a meerschaum-lined pan and great straight whole grain. It’s got “COMOY’S” stamped in upper case serif kind with apostrophe. Throughout the reverse, it has got the MADE IN LONDON group form with ENGLAND underneath. The base gets the three-piece C.

Comoys title

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1900 to about 1919

Normally, the Comoys label will likely be found in a joined up with streaming software canted onward, with an extended end running back from under the S to beneath the C. You can find, however, 2 water pipes within the 1909 catalogue in which Comoys doesn’t have a tail at all. There’s also instances between 1913 to 1919 where in actuality the Comoys name is nonetheless in the same joined moving software, canted onward however with a short end working forwards from base of this y to underneath the s.

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