A reminder for myself


Here is a short poem written today, just to remind myself
how to tune my motivation and deepen my practice :

no matter how big dharma center we built
the biggest is in the heart of the practitioner

no matter how much wealth we have
the biggest jewel is the jewel of liberation

no matter what others think of you
we all have buddha nature, so we are all the same

no matter planning for this life (a waste of time)
plans for the next lives are fruitful much more

no matter where you are or what you are doing
always aim practicing Dharma, also for others living beings

no matter if you don’t get what you want or wish for
since what you really need is already within your inner nature

so lets place ourselves on a path without return
lets make our inner temple of loving kindness and compassion

stronger then a mountain where even animals and others
searching for a refuge in a cold winter times.


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