Sitting under Bodhi tree

While sitting under the Bodhi tree,
mind rests naturally in its vastness
like a cloudless sky.

Thoughts and emotions come and go
like clouds on the sky.
Nothing to grasp, nothing to let go.

Even heart beats are gentle like a breeze,
while birds singing joyfully
from the magical wish-fulfilling tree.

From the Bodhi tree leaves falling off
as a reminder of impermanece,
while even monks due to the attachmet,
trying all day catching Bodhi leaves.

Like this, our practice easily slips away
and so this lifetime is a waste.
We helplessly travel in the bardo
of ignorance, (death and re-birth.)

Blessing of the Guru can awake us
from delusions. So strong blessings are,
if we can open our heart,
as a flower opens on a lotus lake.

Even then is fear of wrong views
and misleads due to our
ignorance, attachment and pride.

Until we reach the ultimate goal,
to be free of all deluded thoughts and deeds,
we need to look for refuge in the Guru and
Tree Jewels – the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

(spontaneous poem written in Bodghaya, India, March 2015)


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